Q:Why do I speak out of speech that has not been recognized? 

  • The noisy environment affects the accuracy of recognition
  • You may have used a dialect that is not well distinguished
  • Your voice is too loud or too low
  • You may be far away from the voice button. You need to get closer
  • You may speak too fast
  • If not, you can check whether the network connection is normal first. If the network connection is normal or not, please contact customer service for solution

Q:Mouse driver can't be installed. The mouse doesn't respond after connecting to the computer? 

  • Check whether the USB interface works normally. If not, please update the USB interface driver. After the update, connect the mouse again and wait for the driver to install normally.

Q:The software icon in the lower right corner of the computer is gray, the mouse can't be used normally (can't move, can't click), and the voice function can't be used?  

  • Try to change a computer. If there is no problem with another computer, it means there is no problem with the mouse itself. You can check the driver and system of the computer.

Q:The software icon in the lower right corner of the computer is gray. The mouse can be used as a normal mouse (it can be moved, and the left and right mouse buttons are normal). Can't the voice function of the mouse be used? 

  • Download the driver software, open it after installation, and then click the peripheral driver to check the peripheral driver, repair the exclamation mark and restart the software. (if the test results are normal and the problem still exists, please contact customer service).

Q:After the wireless receiver is plugged in, the driver is installed successfully, but when the mouse is turned on, the mouse pointer cannot move? 

  • Change the USB port of the adapter, turn off the power of the mouse, turn on the power of the mouse while holding down the voice button of the mouse, and continue to hold down the voice button of the mouse for 5 seconds.

Q:Mouse icon is color, mouse can be used as ordinary mouse, but function key is invalid? 

  • You can replace the receiver to another USB port and contact customer service.

Q:After downloading AiMouse, the mouse couldn't move for a few minutes 

  • Maybe you used aimouse on windows7 system. Please uninstall aimouse and install himouse.

Q:When using himouse, the prompt window keeps flashing, but you can't type 

  • Maybe you have turned off the microphone permission of the software in the system of windows 10. Please find the microphone privacy settings in settings system sound related settings to make sure that the application is allowed to access your microphone switch.

Q:The use of voice translation and word translation can not be out of words, but the use of voice typing normal? 

  • Maybe your software has made an error in initializing the translation API request. Please restart the software.

Q:Can't you type on the browser of Firefox with himouse? 

  • It may be that you have turned on streaming typing. If you turn off this function, you will be able to use it in Firefox.